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Open source. This version uses the .NET 4.8.1 framework.
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Ready-to-use architecture, containing a native framework for development and studies focused on software projects


The study of the principles of organization, such as standardization and inversion of dependence

Low coupling

Developed to support large hierarchical systems, with the smallest coupling, becoming independent and safe modules


Priority in reducing project delivery and maintenance time.

Native Framework Version Current 2.0.1

GT Programming core flow

Business Isolation

The concept of business isolation is a priority, so that it is possible to decrease the coupling, reducing unnecessary ramifications. Every algorithm developed within the GT architecture by default, remains independent of the presentation layer, which in turn, is made just to present.

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Available resources

By default, some add-ins and other key features, such as the user authentication module, are already enabled for all projects.

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Flow management

Flow management was developed to bring business intelligence into applications. The development of algorithms can now be mapped, being possible to analyze them, knowing which process the current execution is in, managing the access permissions to the assembly, bringing more security and intelligence.
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The beginning

The study on software architecture Granting Technology started in 2012. Its prototype was developed by the architect and systems analyst certified by Microsoft: MCP Pedro Henrique Priuli, a project specialist, started his activities as a developer in 2002. Experiences with several systems, working in financial institutions, CRM, ERP, E-learning, E-commerce and projects for mobile devices were some of his specialties in these more than 17 years of experience. The proposal to create a software architecture study center, brings the opportunity to meet new analysts and make available reliable and open source content, where any analyst can collaborate to further improve the architecture or its native framework.
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